About Arrow

Arrow Sewing Cabinets has been making quality sewing furniture since 1943.  In 2008 Arrow partnered with Horn of Australia* to create the Kangaroo Kabinet line, formerly Koala Cabinets.  Our mission is to have every sewer understand that a cabinet is a key tool to help make your sewing experience a better one. Cabinets allow you to sit at the proper height for your hands, wrists, neck and back reducing fatigue to those areas when sewing for long hours. Cabinets allow you to have straighter seams by supporting your fabric and allowing you to place fabric flush with the cabinet. Plus, who doesn’t need the storage a cabinet provides!

Horn of Australia is a privately held company operating in Adelaide, Australia since 1980. Arrow is also a privately held company operating in Delavan, WI since 1943.

Both companies have loyal, long-term employees (with funny accents) committed to producing quality products and offering great service.  Our international design team and corporate philosophy is committed to providing great workmanship in our manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality possible is provided to every customer.  Combine our Midwest roots with our down under friends and we assure you the mix is one of fun and friendliness!

* Horn of Australia and Horn of America are two separate independent companies not linked together.