Demo Videos

Here are demonstration videos for some of our sewing cabinets and tables. You’ll also find these on the product pages themselves, but all of the available demo videos are listed below.

A Better Sewing Experience

Ellen March, host of Sew It All TV, joins us to explain how sewing with your machine in a sewing cabinet will improve your sewing experience.

Selecting a Sewing Cabinet

Helpful tips to consider when buying a sewing cabinet. Links to detailed information on each of the products can be found on the Kangaroo and Arrow tabs above.

Sturdy Gidget Table

Our Gidget I and Gidget II are sturdy portable sewing tables.

Gidget I & II Differences

Learn about the differences between our Gidget I and Gidget II tables. This demonstration video will help you choose the right portable sewing table for your machine.

Heavyweight Table For Featherweights

Explore the features of our new Heavyweight portable table specially designed for the Featherweight 221.

Troubleshooting Your Custom Insert

Which Arrow Sewing Chair Is Right For Me? – Learn about the features of our awesome sewing chairs and figure out which one is right for you!

Arrow Quilt Leaf Demo – See how easily the Arrow Quilt Leaf is placed into the extended and stored positions. Our Arrow Quilt Leaf is an optional add-on to our Norma Jean and Olivia cabinets.

Why You Need A Custom Insert – A Custom Machine Insert is available for many of our cabinets. Find out why they make your sewing experience better!

How a Hydraulic Lift Works – See how the Hydraulic Lift mechanism easily moves into 3 positions: Machine Storage, Machine Flatbed and Machine Freearm.

Hydraulic Height Adjustment – Learn to adjust the freearm position on our Hydraulic Lift mechanism so that your machine sits flush with the sewing surface (Arrow Cabinets Lift).

Dual Hydraulic Height Adjustment – Learn to adjust the free arm position on our Dual Hydraulic Lift mechanism so that your machine sits flush with the sewing surface (Kangaroo Cabinets Lift).

Manual Platform Adjustment – Learn how to adjust the manual lift mechanism of the following Arrow Cabinets and Tables: Gidget I, Gidget II, Florie, Olivia, Shirley and Tasmanian Table.

Receiving & Unpacking Your Pre-assembled Cabinet –  Everything you need to know when your pre-assembled Arrow/Kangaroo sewing cabinet arrives!