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Custom Machine Insert


A Custom Machine Insert is available for many of our cabinets to ensure that you have a snug fitting platform around your machine when the cabinet is in the flatbed position. Our Custom Machine Inserts are only available for the Arrow and Kangaroo cabinets listed in the options below. We do not sell custom inserts to fit other cabinets.


NOTE: Your Custom Machine Insert takes up to 3 weeks to be made, so it will arrive later than your cabinet.

Prices are subject to change and may vary among dealers in different markets.

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What is the Custom Machine Insert?

It is a plexi-glass piece made to the exact dimensions of the cabinet’s opening and your specific sewing machine. The insert is used only in the flatbed position of the cabinet, which is the second or middle position on the airlift.

Remove your accessory kit from the front of your machine to reveal your freearm. The insert fits around the freearm and center of your machine.

Visit our FAQs page for answers to typical customer questions, as well as information on our Product Warranty.

Shipping Info

NOTE: Custom Machine Inserts WILL NOT arrive at the same time as your new Arrow or Kangaroo cabinet order. Custom Machine Inserts take up to 3 weeks to make and will be shipped separately from your cabinet.

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