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Quilt Leaf Product for Arrow


Have you ever thought to yourself, “what I wouldn’t give for just a little more space”? 

Well, we’re here to offer you just that – five square feet of extra space, to be exact. The Arrow Quilt Leaf stands on two metal support legs and, once attached, sits flush with your Norma Jean or Olivia Cabinet. The best part? When you don’t need it, simply fold the legs up and tuck them underneath the quilt. 

All it takes is four screws and you can finally say goodbye to crowded workstations – forever. 

Learn more about The Arrow Quilt Leaf below!




  • Adds an additional five square feet of working space to your cabinet
  • Stands on two metal support legs that fold and tuck underneath the quilt when not in use
  • Coming in at almost 31 inches in height, the Quilt Leaf is flush with your cabinet
  • Only compatible with Norma Jean Cabinet and Olivia Cabinet
  • Can be purchased separately or in tandem with your Norma Jean or Olivia Cabinet
  • Available in four colors to match your cabinet: Blue, Pistachio Green, White and Beige
  • The Quilt Leaf features tough melamine laminate, MDF, and composite wood
  • Easy assembly

Additional information

Optional Quilt Leaf

White Norma Jean Quilt Leaf (350QE), Beige Norma Jean Quilt Leaf (350QEA), White Olivia Quilt Leaf (98507), Green Olivia Quilt Leaf (98508), Tiffany Blue Quilt Leaf (98509)

Quilt Leaf Specs

Quilt Leaf Dimensions

  • The leaf will expand your workspace by 38” W x 20”
    • The leaf is ¾” thick

Incompatible Cabinets

Incompatible Cabinets

The Arrow Quilt Leaf WILL NOT attach to any cabinet other than Norma Jean Cabinet and Olivia.

Shipping Info

Shipping Information

  • The Arrow Quilt Leaf is shipped ready to assemble in one box
  • The Arrow Quilt Leaf weighs a total of 22 pounds
  • Cabinets, tables, and chairs cannot be shipped to a PO Box



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