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A great sewing table is strong, supportive and can easily be tucked away. Luckily, the Gidget I Table is all of these things and more! With powerful steel locking legs, ergonomic height positioning and a collapsible frame for easy storage, the Gidget I is there when you need it and out of sight when you don’t. 

Use the Gidget I as your everyday table, or as your traveling table to be creative anywhere at any time! 

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  • Sturdy steel base minimizes machine vibration for straighter stitches
  • Two Adjustable Sewing Positions Available: 
    • Free arm and flat bed 
    • Manual platform design with a 35-pound sewing machine capacity
  • Collapsible frame for neat, easy storage and fits under a bed
  • Optimal table height encourages good posture 
  • Steel legs offer unyielding support and balance
  • Mar-resistant melamine surface ensures durability and years of use
  • Optional Custom Machine Insert for a flush surface (sold separately)
  • Includes a yardstick ruler decal with both inch and centimeter measurements for easy reference
  • Arrives fully assembled and ready for use
  • Arrow Sewing Furniture Three-Year Limited Warranty

Compare Gidget I vs. Gidget II

  • Gidget I has a smaller opening size (17 ½” W vs 7 ⅜” D) compared to the large opening on Gidget II (23 ½” W x 12” D)
  • Gidget II Table features two wheels for easier portability when folded flat. Gidget I does not have wheels but can easily be transported with collapsible legs. 
  • Gidget I is made of particle board with steel locking legs. Gidget II is made with denser MDF (medium density fiberboard) and steel locking legs.
  • Gidget II will require a custom made insert for her opening. Gidget I has a smaller opening, and may not need an insert if your machine is deep enough to fill most gaps.

Table Specs


  • Dimensions Open: 
    • 40″ W x 19 ¾” D x 28 ¼” H
  • Dimensions with Legs Folded: 
    • 40″ W x 19 ¾” D x 4 ½” H
  •  The Gidget I Table will accommodate sewing machines no larger than:
    • 17 ½” W (left to right) 
    • 7 ⅜” D (front to back) 
    • If your machine is equal to or less than those measurements, it will fit the opening.
  • Construction: Melamine/MDF with Steel Legs


  • Is a custom made, machine specific insert available?
    • Yes, it may be available.
    • Since each custom insert is custom made, you’ll need to answer a few questions about your machine so we can make the proper fit.
    • Feel free to call us at 800-533-7347 or email that information regarding your machine so we can find out if an insert is available or can be made.
  • Must I have a custom insert to sew in the Gidget table?
    • No. It is not necessary to order a custom insert for the Gidget table. You can move your machine so the left and front edges fit the left front corner and your fabric will be supported for sewing.
  • What type of custom insert is available for a Gidget?
    • The current version of the Gidget I does not have a beveled edge which means there is no lip on the machine opening to hold an insert. Therefore, when filling out the custom insert questionnaire, you’ll indicate your table/cabinet does not have a beveled edge.
      • Therefore, the custom insert we made will have a lip on the front, left, and back so the insert will sit on top of the tabletop, not inside the opening. The height difference between the table surface and surface of the insert will be approximately 1/8”.
    • If you have an older version of the Gidget I table, there is a beveled edge. Therefore, when filling out the custom insert questionnaire, you’ll indicate your table/cabinet does have a beveled edge.
Gidget I Custom Insert Height
Here is a sample of a cabinet that does not have a beveled edge. The custom insert does.

Shipping Info


  • The cabinet is fully assembled and shipping one box
  • Gidget I weighs a total of 35 pounds 
  • Cabinets, tables, and chairs cannot be shipped to a PO Box
  • If ordered, a custom insert will be shipped separately and delivered three-four weeks later

Assembly Manuals / Videos


The Gidget I arrives fully assembled, however, we have a few helpful documents to make your set-up easier. You may also download documents and save them to your computer.

Adjusting the height of the platform with an insert

601/611 Manual – Adjusting the Flatbed Position

Assembly Videos

14 reviews for Gidget I Table

  1. Edward Lauser (verified owner)

    I added a 1/2″ square steel tube to the underside of the front of the table. I feel that without the additional support the front will warp over time. Other than that, I think the table is great.

  2. Franky (verified owner)

    I really like my sewing table! It will last forever, due to his strong fabrication! I find it very confortable and ergonomic.
    Thanks 😊

  3. Nina Daugherty (verified owner)

    I wanted a sturdy table to use with my old Bernina sewing machine. I am thrilled with the Gidget I table. No vibrations. My machine set a little low but instead of adjusting the platform, I used 4 rubber pads to lift the machine a little. Perfect! I also bought a second Gidget I table. I sit the two tables in an L shape using the second to support my large quilts. I also cut out quilt blocks using the second table. That way, I don’t have to remove my Bernina from its perch. I worked with Kasey in customer service and found her very responsive to my needs. Thank you, Arrow, for the wonderful table.

  4. Jan

    I have been using this sewing table for my main sewing machine for more than 15 years and I am still using it. It has been a joy to use, and I love the ergonomic height with the machine in the lower position.

  5. John Brauer

    Excellent table. Sturdy, well designed, fits my machine perfectly. I have not stored it ever, as it takes little space set up, but can see how easily it sets up and down. A very nice workspace, for day to day stuff as well as big projects, such as camping tarps.

  6. Becky Frederiksen

    The table is sturdy, easy to adjust to correct sewing machine height, and perfect size for second machine. No noticeable vibrations when sewing at high speed or with decorative designs. Also like that the drop down table can be easily brought to the height of the table so it can be used for sleeve arm, embroidery attachments, or regular desk.

  7. Sandra Engle

    I really like the engineering on your table. This is my first Arrow product, but I am very impressed with it. It is sturdy and easily adaptable to my needs. Thank you for such a fine product.

  8. Ola (verified owner)

    I LOVE my table. It is great because it takes a small space to store. It is very sturdy and works well for sewing.

  9. Mary Andrews

    I like the simple, white, clean design. It takes up very little space when opened, the support legs are easy to clean around and it folds up easily taking up virtually no space. It is also priced well.

  10. Kristine Kuhl

    I love this table. It’s a much better sewing height than my regular table that I was using before. I’ve been looking for one that is strong and reasonable priced and this one fits the bill.

    It looks as nice and sturdy as the one I saw in my sewing machine store that was priced at $600.00! A great value for the price.

  11. Carol Cansdale

    I already have one of these tables, and I bought two more I like them so much!

  12. Carol

    We spend winter months in our motor home in Florida. This cabinet allows me to work on projects while away. I’ve used this product everyday since receiving it. It’s light weight enough that I can store it when it’s not in use, but sturdy enough that my machine and projects are secure. My plan was to store it in my motor home during the off-season, but now I think I’ll use it as a backup work station for my other machines. One of my resort friends also bought this product after seeing my cabinet. Both cabinets are holding up well. I highly recommend it.

  13. Rosana

    I love how perfectly this sewing table fits my needs! It is the perfect size and it was a breeze setting it up. Thanks!”

  14. Cynthia

    I had a chance to use my new table this morning. I had to write to let you know how overwhelmingly pleased I am. The outcome is just great!

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