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Do you sometimes feel like you need space the size of a continent for your project? Then our Aussie II Cabinet is the perfect solution for you! The cabinet, quilt leaf and rolling caddy included offers 31 ½ square feet of space allowing you to easily take on large quilting or sewing projects.

Learn more about its features below!

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  • When open, the Aussie II boasts 31 ½ square feet of sewing space
  • Quilt leaf stored on the back of the cabinet
    • Expands your workspace and prevents large quilts or large pieces of fabric from pulling and ending up on the floor
  • Adjustable three-position hydraulic lift:
    • Moves your machine into three positions: free-arm, flatbed and storage
    • Designed with gas strut mechanism with a 55-pound sewing machine capacity
  • A convenient rolling caddy for extra storage that can be tucked away when not in use
    • A serger fits neatly in the caddy
    • Includes two drawers to store your notions and more!
    • Caddy can fit in any of three positions:  
      • 1. Pull out near your sewing position
      • 2. Attached to door for larger work area
      • 3. Freestanding
  • Three door bins, one large and two small for additional storage
  • When your sewing is complete, safely conceal and secure all your sewing notions and equipment by closing both doors and turning the key to lock them shut
  • Locking casters provide excellent portability and stability
  • Optional Custom Machine Insert for a flush surface (sold separately)
  • Additional information can be found on our Aussie II Cabinet informational sheet
  • Kangaroo Sewing Furniture Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Available Finishes: Teak or Ash White

Please note: Prices are subject to change and may vary among retailers in different markets.

Additional information

Cabinet Finish

Ash White, Teak

Free Kiwi

Free Kiwi

Free Slimline 3

Free Slimline 3

Cabinet Specs / Incompatible Machines


  • Open Cabinet Dimensions:
    • Quilt leaf open & rolling caddy extended in front:
      • 100 ½” W x 80 ¼” D x 29 ½” H
    • Quilt leaf folded down and the rolling caddy is tucked away:
      • 100 ½” W x 22 ¼” D x 29 ½” H
    • Closed Dimensions:
      • 49 ¾” W x 22 ¼” D x 30 ¼” H
  • Caddy Dimensions:
    • 13 ⅜” W x 16″ D x 13 ½ ” H
    • Drawer Dimensions (two drawers)
      • 11″ W x 11 ⅛” D x 2 ¾” H
  • Door Bin Dimensions:
    • Large: 17″ W x 5 ¼” D x 5 ¼” H
    • Small: 17” W x 3 ⅛” D x 3 ⅛” H
  • Aussie II is ideal for Sewing Machines:
    • Up to 55 pounds
    • Maximum Machine dimensions:
      • Width: 23 ¾”  (left to right)
      • Depth: 12 ½” (front to back)
      • Height: 14 ½”
    • Please measure your machine and include knobs, plugs, etc. that extend beyond the body of the machine
  • The entire Aussie II features tough melamine laminate, MDF, and composite wood


We are aware of the following sewing machines that are too large to fit into the Aussie II sewing cabinet:

  • BabyLock – Destiny and Solaris
  • Brother – Dream VX8500D and Luminaire Innov-is XP1
  • Janome – Horizon Memory Craft 15000
    • The machine fits the platform of the cabinet in flatbed position (a custom insert is available) but you will have to move the sewing machine from right to left to lower into the storage position because of the extension of the front support leg of the machine. Also, the knee lifter lever cannot be used with a sewing cabinet due to the length of the lever and how the machine sits on the platform in flatbed position.
  • Elna – eXpressive 920
    • The machine fits the platform of the cabinet in flatbed position (a custom insert is available) but you will have to move the sewing machine from right to left to lower into the storage position because of the extension of the front support leg of the machine. Also, the knee lifter lever cannot be used with a sewing cabinet due to the length of the lever and how the machine sits on the platform in flatbed position.

Please be advised that this list may change as new models are introduced. It is extremely important to measure your machine prior to ordering to make sure it will fit.

Revised 03/25/2019

Shipping Info

Shipping Information

  • The cabinet is shipped ready to assemble in 5 separate boxes
  • Aussie II weighs a total of 235 pounds
  • Arrow determines shipping carrier, FedEx or UPS
  • Cabinets, tables, and chairs cannot be shipped to a PO Box
  • If ordered, a custom insert will be shipped separately and delivered three-four weeks later
  • Aussie is available fully assembled at Arrow Dealers

Assembly Manuals / Videos


Assembly instructions are included with the cabinet. You may also download the Aussie II Assembly manual and save them to your computer.  

For assembly, you will need:

  • Phillips screwdriver with #2 head or power screwdriver
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Optional:
    • WD-40
    • Adjustable wrench

Assembly Videos

11 reviews for Aussie II Cabinet

  1. Shelley Jeltema

    Love all the space. The quality of some of the hinges and screws are subpar but I was able to easily replace them. The parts did not line up correctly in several places and the installation diagrams were not correct. However watching the video will make things clear. And it helps to have a small battery powered screwdriver. I would have given 5 stars had all of the parts been top quality and if the cabinet would actually lock. So if locking is important to you, you will want to get the right parts if they are not shipped to you.

    Also if you can handle Ikea-like furniture, this will be a piece of cake. I was able to do this by myself in about a day. Oh, I did need help moving the biggest parts down to the sewing room. I would buy this again. The size opened and compactness closed is amazing. The “wood” will do well in my sewing room.

  2. Linda

    I chose the white cabinet and it is beautiful. It requires a pretty large room if you want to keep it open like I do, with space to walk around it. I must not be as clever as some of the other reviewers because it took me much longer to put it together. I spent maybe 3 hours per day for ten days, taking lots of breaks. The only thing I’d change is the width underneath where you pull in with a chair. It’s too narrow. I can’t get left enough to align myself to the sewing needle like you’re supposed to.

  3. Sharon M

    FedEx managed to separate my packages, but everything finally arrived! I took my time assembling the cabinet and had it finished within the day. Some of my pieces did not quite match up to the video or make sense in the booklet, but it was easy to deduce given the amount of repetition with certain hardware/locations. My lock plate was predrilled in the incorrect spot and the door would not close because the door hook pressed up against the Y1/Y2 edge. I removed the lock plate and used tape to hold it in place while I aligned the lock and door to it. New holes drilled and the lock plate repositioned and all works perfectly now!

    It is a nice looking cabinet, crazy heavy (I dread my upcoming move with this), and very sturdy. I love having all the extra surface area to work on, and am so glad I picked this model. My serger and sewing machine now have a single home, I can setup and is both in one station, and this bad boy closes down to the size of a desk. Someday I will add the Dingo cutting and storage station.

    TAKE YOUR TIME WHEN ASSEMBLING! My least favorite part of this was the C3 cam bolt installation. It is very easy to chip up the holes when screwing these in, and there are a lot of them to install. I chipped up over 50% of the finish around the holes, with about 15% of those extending just pass the edge of the cam when fully tightened. I would recommend starting these with a screwdriver and THEN using a drill, that way you have more control over keeping the cam straight while biting into the hole.

    I just finished putting in all my supplies, machines and command hook minis to hang my packs of needles on, and I am so excited! Time to sit down and sew something just so I can marvel at how awesome my new workstation is!!!

  4. Diane Kott

    This product was packaged perfectly. All parts were there. I assembled it myself. The video instructions were perfect.

  5. Paulette Kyle

    I have been needing to organize my sewing room for many years and the Aussie ll seemed to be the perfect for me. One of the pieces was damaged in transit and I was impressed by how quickly Arrow sent the replacement. They were so very nice on the phone. I am very impressed. Thank You so much.

  6. Wanda Derby

    I had a house fire and lost everything, so this cabinet looked like it would replace my sewing cabinet, and my cutting table that I also used to put my serger on.
    I was very impressed when after 9 hours of construction I see that it will fill those needs.
    And yes at almost 70 years old I did indeed put this together by myself. Your youtube video was of immense help. I called in a favor to help with the heavy lifting of the back and sides onto the bottom, and the top.
    Being a farmer I can hardly wait till late fall when I can really try this cabinet out and get onto sewing that I haven’t been able to do for 2 years because of the fire..
    Thank you for what I am hoping is a quality product and will take use!

  7. Terri Bauman

    I purchased the Aussie cabinet for the following features: the machine could be raised to various heights, a custom work panel can be added, extra work space is available by having fold out panels, it holds the air lift cover in the back bottom area, has another cabinet that stores inside, it all folds together neatly, can be locked, and it rolls!

    Great cabinet with so many usable features.

  8. Jane Sprague

    The cabinet is not only beautiful (I love that it’s not just plain melamine, but you can see a wood grain, too) but the work space is HUGE, just the kind of space that is needed when making quilts and other large projects. That it folds up into a relatively small cabinet is a real plus, too.

    This cabinet has such a lot of square footage. I’m sure it will be a great asset to my quilt-making efforts.

  9. Trudie Folsom

    Sturdy cabinet with room for a sewing machine and a serger. Solidly built, even when everything is open to provide maximum work space. Nice quality canister wheels. Easy to move around.

    I thought I could put it together myself, and I prepared to do so after watching the YouTube video, but some of the individual parts are big, heavy, and unwieldy. Too awkward for me to move. I hired the local sewing machine company from whom I purchased the Aussie to put it together, and I’m glad I did!

    Note: Some of the boxes arrived crunched at the corners, but everything inside was in perfect shape except for one corner of the quilting table attachment. I mentioned it when I filled out my online registration, and a nice woman named Harriet responded immediately. They are shipping a replacement for that piece! Can’t get better customer service than that considering it was the shipping company who banged the boxes up. I am extremely happy with this purchase.

  10. Andrew Bertino

    The shipping speed was very impressive. We received our sewing cabinet within 3 business days of ordering and it had to travel from Wisconsin to Florida. The pieces were labeled very well, and it was very easy to confirm that all pieces and parts were available in the boxes. At times though the piece labelling was bit confusing as there were two Ds, two Ls, etc because of the Aussie II’s additional drawer.

    Overall, the build setup was relatively painless, especially given as many pieces as there were. My girlfriend is really enjoying her new cabinet, and the entire process from start to finish was as painless as it could be. We will definitely recommend Arrow Cabinets to friends and family.

  11. Kimberley

    We followed the online video, which made assembly almost a breeze. I have everything put together and am absolutely blown away by the high quality and attention to detail. It looks custom-made and should last me the rest of my life.

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