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Talk about surface area AND storage! Together, the Kangaroo and Joey II create an ideal workspace for large projects but can hop into any sewing room and fit perfectly. Have a heavier sewing machine or embroidery machine? No problem, this cabinet is built for that.

Learn more about its features below!

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    • Kangaroo Features:
      • Quilt leaf stored on the back of the cabinet
        • Expands your workspace and prevents large quilts or large pieces of fabric from pulling and ending up on the floor
      • Adjustable three-position hydraulic lift:
        • Moves your machine into three positions: free-arm, flatbed and storage
        • Designed with gas strut mechanism with a 45-pound capacity
      • Removable cover to provide smooth work or cutting area when the sewing machine is in the storage position
      • Removable front panel to use knee lifter
      • Large left drawer includes a removable cover to expand your work area
        • Remove cover for compact storage
      • Does not feature doors or leaves, cabinet fits within 56″ area. The sewing machine is exposed in all three positions
      • Heavy duty locking casters provide excellent portability and stability
      • Optional Custom Machine Insert for a flush surface (sold separately)
      • Available Finishes: Teak or Ash White
  • Joey II Features:
    • Three drawers of storage space for storing notions and other small accessories
    • Locking casters provide portability and stability
    • Drawers lock with small key
    • Small enough to store in the Kangaroo’s pouch
    • Available Finishes: Teak or Ash White
    • The Joey II can be purchased separately to add to any of our Kangaroo Cabinets

For more information, please see our Kangaroo & Joey II informational sheet.

Kangaroo Sewing Furniture Lifetime Limited Warranty

Please note: Prices are subject to change and may vary among retailers in different markets.

Additional information

Cabinet Finish

Ash White, Teak

Free Kiwi

Free Kiwi

Free Slimline 3

Free Slimline 3

Cabinet Specs / Incompatible Machines

Cabinet Specifications

  • Kangaroo II Cabinet Dimensions
    • Open (quilt leaf out)
      • 55 ⅝” W x 40 ½” D x 29 ½ H
    • Closed
      • 55 ⅝” W x 21” D x 29 ½ H
  • Joey II Dimensions
    • 25 ¾” W x 16 ½” D x 24″ H
    • Top two drawer dimensions:
      • 22 ½ ” W x 13″ D x 2 ½” H
    • Bottom drawer dimensions:
      • 22 ½ ” W x 13″ D x 8″ H
  • Sewing Machines that Fit:
    • Supports sewing machines up to 55 pounds
      • Width: 23-3/4” (left to right)
      • Depth: 12-1/2” (front to back)
      • Height: 14-1/2”
    • Please measure your machine and include knobs, plugs, etc. that extend beyond the body of the machine.
  • Both products made from melamine laminate, MDF, and composite
  • Cabinet ships ready to assemble

Sewing Machines that do not fit into the Kangaroo II

We are aware of the following sewing machines that are too large to fit into the Kangaroo II sewing cabinet (K8805 Teak and K8811 Ash White):

  • BabyLock – Destiny & Solaris
  • Brother – Dream VX8500D & Luminaire Innov-is XP1
  • Janome – Horizon Memory Craft 15,000
    • Please note: The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15,000 fits the platform of the cabinet in flatbed position (a custom insert is available) but you will have to move the sewing machine from right to left to lower into the storage position because of the extension of the front support leg of the machine. Also, the knee lifter lever cannot be used with a sewing cabinet due to the length of the lever and how machine sits on the platform in flatbed position.
  • Elna –  eXpressive 920
    • Please note: The machine fits the platform of the cabinet in flatbed position (a custom insert is available) but you will have to move the sewing machine from right to left to lower into the storage position because of the extension of the front support leg of the machine. Also, the knee lifter lever cannot be used with a sewing cabinet due to the length of the lever and how machine sits on the platform in flatbed position.
  • The Bernina 7 and newer Bernina 8 Series models 820 and 830 are approximately 1/4″ too tall to allow the cabinet to close up fully when the machine is in the down position.

Please be advised that this list may change as new models are introduced. It is extremely important to measure your machine prior to ordering to make sure it will fit.

Revised 03/05/2019

Shipping Info

Shipping Information

  • The cabinet is shipped ready to assemble in five boxes
  • Kangaroo II weighs a total of 156 pounds
  • Joey II weighs a total of 60 pounds
  • Arrow determines shipping carrier, FedEx or UPS
  • Cabinets, tables, and chairs cannot be shipped to a PO Box
  • If an optional custom insert is ordered at the same time, it will be shipped separately and delivered three-four weeks later

Assembly Manual / Videos

Assembly Manuals

Assembly instructions are included with the cabinet. You may also download the Kangaroo II and Joey II manuals and save them to your computer.

For assembly, you’ll need:

  • Phillips screwdriver with #2 head or power screwdriver
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Optional:
    • WD-40
    • Adjustable wrench

Assembly Videos

Assembling your Kangaroo II:

Assembling your Joey II:

Adjusting the Airlift:

Alternative Airlift:

Kangaroo & Joey II Features

7 reviews for Kangaroo & Joey II Cabinet

  1. Anne

    I purchased my Kangaroo table and Joey drawers through another retailer, but still wanted to leave a review here since I used their website when making my decision.

    Overall, I am very happy with the kangaroo sewing table and joey drawers! I ultimately chose this set because of all the storage space the drawers provide, and the drawers are all empty. Other kangaroo cabinets have drawers dedicated for thread storage, which I do not need. The quilt table leaf makes the table very large. It’ll be great for holding a large quilt and it easily fits my large cutting mat and still had some extra table space. The table leaf folds down allowing the table to be compact for most sewing uses and storage.

    The extra table space provided by adding a table extension on top of the desk drawer is very useful, but make sure you don’t store anything you frequently need in that drawer. I myself storing the pieces for my quilt in the drawer.

    My only complaint is that they’ve updated the drawers to soft close gliders. This makes the drawers a little harder to open. This is fine for the drawer built into the table, but not for the set of Joey drawers. The Joey drawers have rolling caster feet that do not lock, so you have to brace the set of drawers while trying to pull one of the drawers open. It is very frustrating. If I could, I would subtract half a star from my rating…. But I still give it 5 stars because the table is very well worth it!!

    The boxes that the table and drawers arrived in were big and heavy, make sure you have another person to help carry boxes. Everything was packed well and nothing was damaged during shipment. Assembly was time consuming. The table took about 4 hours and required some help for several steps. The drawers took about 1.5 hours to assemble and were easy to do mostly with one person but a second person is helpful as well. I highly recommend watching the video of assembly instructions on the Arrow Sewing website before starting. They’ve altered the instructions around Step 11&13 for the table and it’s easier than what is printed. Also, a power drill and WD40 are a requirement, you can technically assemble it without them, but you’ll be tried. And make sure you use your own wrench, the one provided is incredibly unhelpful.

    The airlift requires a strong push, especially if you have a lighter machine. Adjusting the airlift to your machine height is a bit tough for to space limitations, so make sure you really tighten the screws or have a drill with a long phillips bit.

  2. Joan Falken

    Very well built. Although construction took several hours, the instructions were the best I’ve every seen for this type of project.

  3. Mercedes Shinohara-Taylor

    The kangaroo and Joey arrived very well packed, and was fairly easy to put together. Everything fit and everything arrived as it should. I love my new Joey and Kangaroo and I’m really excited about getting back to sewing.

  4. Lois

    I purchased Kangaroo and Joey from Tops Sewing And Vacuum in Lakewood Ranch Florida, which included set up and delivery. Love my new sewing studio! More awesome than imagined. “Pocket” Loves the golf course view and is very happy

  5. Scott Brown

    My wife is really enjoying her new Kangaroo II and Joey cabinet. She puts the Joey to the right side and that allows her to slide her chair between her sewing machine on the right and her serger that is on the left side. She puts a small ironing board on top of the Joey and can easily sew, serge, and press seams all without having to get out of her seat.
    BTW, the Arrow sewing chairs (her’s has the button design) are the perfect sewing chair. It supports your back higher than other chairs and angles you slightly forward which is how you sit at your machine anyway. I thought they were a high priced gimmick at first, but after the store owner had me sit in one, I was sold and so was my wife. No gimmicks. Great chair !!
    Don’t forget that you will need to purchase an insert for your sewing machine in order to use it at table height. The insert is specific to your machine and is not included in the price of the cabinet.
    We had some problems with the Joey cabinet wheels which are not well designed in my opinion. They easily break out of the bottom of the cabinet (which is only particle board). Particle board is not easily repairable. I have a comment and repair suggestion on the Joey cabinet page if you are interested. We purchased our cabinet and chair from a reputable sewing center who assembled the cabinet for us. My wife is very happy to now have a versatile and efficient sewing setup.

  6. Anne

    My wife has a Kangaroo, Joey, Dingo, and Arrow sewing chair and loves them all! She finally has her own sewing space. Because of her sewing room size, the Kangaroo was great since it did not have doors or top leaves to swing out and take up space. The finish on the cabinet is very durable. She purchased two separate inserts for her two machines (definitely need to get the inserts to fill the gap around the machine).

    Assembly was easy, but did take a few hours. The online videos really helped!

  7. Susan

    I recently purchased a new Kangaroo Kabinet and Joey II from Country Stitches in East Lansing, MI. I am very pleased with the quality and configuration. “Pockets”, the kangaroo mascot, seems to be enjoying her new view from my sewing room at our home

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