MOD Squad - Full Set - Arrow Sewing Cabinets

MOD Squad – Full Set

Use coupon code COM619 at checkout, or use coupon at your local dealer to take $125.00 USD off any Modular cabinet. Valid through June 30, 2019 11:59 pm CT. May not be combined with other offers, discounts or coupon codes. Limit one coupon per purchase. Coupon not redeemable on any website other than

Meet the MOD Squad! The system designed for you to create your own, functional sewing or quilting space.

Grouped together, the Modular Line allows for an “L” shape configuration lining a wall and corner taking up the least amount of floor space in a room. Don’t plan on lining the wall? Pull the units out and place them in your room wherever you want them.

Interested in only a few pieces? No problem. Pick and choose what you need!

Learn more about the MOD Squad below.

SKU: 2011-2021-2031-2041-2051
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Cabinet Specs / Incompatible Machines

Cabinet Dimensions

Shipping Info

Shipping Information

  • If purchasing all 5 units of the MOD Squad, the cabinets are shipped in 14 separate boxes
  • The weight of all 5 units is a collective 730 pounds
  • Due to the number of boxes and weight, products will be shipped on a pallet via LTL
  • If ordered, a custom insert will be shipped separately and delivered three-four weeks later
  • MOD Squad is available fully assembled at Arrow Dealers

Assembly Manuals

Assembly Manuals

Assembly instructions are included with each unit. You may also download each manual and save it to your computer.


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