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Our custom insert is designed to create a flush working surface for your specific sewing machine to use with an Arrow or Kangaroo sewing cabinet. When installed, the insert creates an ergonomic work surface while sewing in the free arm position. The insert fills the gaps allowing for straighter stitches, less fatigue, and overall better sewing experience.

For a snug fit, please answer the following questions below so we can create the perfect custom insert for your cabinet and machine.

Please note: This product is custom made, may take up to *6-8 weeks to arrive, and ships separate from any additional products ordered.

*COVID-19 has caused delayed delivery times and impacted the availability of acrylic

Learn more about the custom insert features below! If you have questions or need help, please call us at (800) 533-7347.

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  • Our inserts are made of clear plexiglass and are designed for two different types of sewing wells:
    • Beveled edge
      • Sits completely flush with the sewing well
    • Non-beveled edge
      • Designed with a lip to rest on the cabinet top
  • Each insert comes with an optional adhesive ruler that can be applied
  • Insert is to be used only in the flatbed position of the cabinet, which is the second or middle position on the airlift
    • Inserts are designed to be used with the accessory kit removed
    • The insert is U-shaped, surrounding the front, left-side, and back-side of the sewing machine

Additional information

What Arrow or Kangaroo cabinet is this for?

Auntie, Aussie, Bandicoot, Bertha, Betty, Diva, Emu, Ethel, Florie, Gidget I, Gidget II, Ginger, Judy, Kangaroo/Joey, Laverne & Shirley, Lucy, Marilyn, MOD Sewing Cabinet (2011), MOD Corner Cabinet (2021), MOD Electric Lift (2061), Norma Jean, Olivia, Quilty, Serger Cabinet, Sewnatra, Shirley, Tasmanian, Wallaby, Wallaby II, I do not own an Arrow or Kangaroo Cabinet.

Shipping Info

Shipping Information

  • Cannot be shipped to a PO Box
  • Custom inserts are custom made and may take *6-8 weeks to be delivered
  • Ships FedEx

*COVID-19 has caused delayed delivery times and impacted the availability of acrylic

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44 reviews for Custom Machine Insert

  1. Jamie H. (verified owner)

    After a few height adjustments on my cabinet, the custom insert fits perfectly. I only wish that the included ruler sticker was not see-through as the black markings blend in with the brown of my cabinet and I can’t see it very well.

  2. Laurie Woodfill (verified owner)

    I love my insert! I had one for my old machine, and had put off getting one for my new Viking as I wasn’t sewing so much. I’ve started sewing again (thanks shelter-in-place for something positive), and it is a dream. I love it when I’m quilting and sewing both. It’s also easy to remove if I want to access the arm of the machine or anything else. Also, I love the ruler that I have adhered to the underside of the insert. I use it all the time.

  3. Linda Petersen (verified owner)

    My insert arrived today and it looks beautiful! Despite having supplied photos of the machine I worried it would be difficult to get an exact fit for my Janome CM4700 and I was right. It fits well enough to use but is just the slightest bit too snug around the butt of the machine (motor area) and forces the insert to rise. The cabinet has been lowered so the insert is flush and fits correctly around the free arm and I don’t think it will interfere with running the machine. Delighted with the included rule.

  4. Teresa Black (verified owner)

    This is my second machine insert (Pfaff and Bernina) and both are perfect!!

  5. Susan (verified owner)

    An insert is a must have to make your sewing ergonomic

  6. Vickie (verified owner)

    This is a game changer. When I bought my cabinet, I did not have the funds to buy the insert. Now, I have the insert.

  7. Meg (verified owner)

    I like it for the most part. I think it could fit better with a little change them could do. I did contact them and it is what it is.

  8. LC

    I really like my new insert. It fits perfectly around my Pfaff Quilt Expressions 4.2. I would have liked to have the option of placing the machine a little to the right so I could have a larger work space. I believe the cabinet is sufficiently robust to handle the off center placing. As it is I have a little wasted space to the right of my machine. Really happy these are US made. Thanks.

  9. Linda L Doheny (verified owner)

    Love it, makes more space usable around the machine for scissors and pincushions etc.
    I was using the top of the table that came with my Janome 7700 but this is so much

  10. JUNE BARKER (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly. I had an issue with the length of the chain and when I called your customer service was excellent. Thank you.

  11. Eileen Maggiore (verified owner)

    This is the second insert I’ve bought from you. They both fit perfect in my cabinet for my machines.. thank you

  12. Patty (verified owner)

    When I first bought my cabinet, I did not order the insert. After a few weeks of sewing, I ordered the insert and I can say it is very worthwhile. The insert makes a world of difference!

  13. Pam (verified owner)

    I received my custom insert for my Bertha Cabinet and I love it . It fits perfect with my Brother machine and makes my quilt sewing so much easier.

  14. Corinne Ausmann (verified owner)

    Just received the insert and got it installed. What a wonderful product! Thank you, and great job!

  15. Judy Stajkowski

    I love my new insert for my Bertha cabinet for my Pfaff Creative 4.5. It fits beautifully! One small inconvenience is having to pull the insert out to change bobbins. But it’s a small inconvenience compared to the appearance and convenience of my beautiful desk!! It was delivered very quickly and my chats with your team were wonderful..they were very helpful and courteous.

  16. Sally Acomb (verified owner)

    The fit of my insert for the Bernina 770QE is perfect. I wish there was more clearance for the knee lifter lever to the right on the Arrow 2 Gidget table. I did check the box telling that I had the knee lifter but my machine sits down lower in the table and the knee lifter is somewhat compromised.

  17. Alice B. Moreau (verified owner)

    I am pleased that the insert fits well around my 25 year old Viking (Husqvarna) # 1 + machine. I would have been very happy had the machine insert been better placed in the cabinet opening. As it is, I have to sit as far as possible to the left in the cabinet opening to sit centered under the sewing machine presser foot. I am disabled and sit in a wheelchair. The cabinet opening barely has enough opening to comfortably sit over the presser foot with the insert opening centered on the sewing machine. I actually have to lean a little to the left and this gets tiring after a little while. I also own a serger machine and am thinking of buying a new cabinet for it with an inset. That way I don’t have to change anything on the level of the Olivia cabinet for the sewing machine. I am 69 years old and have waited for a sewing machine cabinet since I was a teenager. Arrow is finally a quality and style that I could afford. Thank you, (also to my husband for not complaining about the cost)!

  18. Jeannette (verified owner)

    I am so very please with the insert for my Epic980Q. It is a HUGE machine, and the insert fits perfectly. I really missed it when I upgraded from my previous machine, and am very glad that items are not longer falling on the floor as often (the area is now closed up by the insert). Great customer service too.

  19. Pam (verified owner)

    The insert I ordered is perfect in fit. It is so nice having a flat surface for my sewing. It came on time, and it was exactly what I needed.

  20. Teresa (verified owner)

    The insert works great and I love having a wonderful sewing cabinet for my Bernina! Ordering was simple and it didn’t take long either. Thank you.

  21. Deborah Andr (verified owner)

    The insert fits perfectly into the Gidget table for my bernina 530. I had several emails from the company to make sure the measurements would accommodate my kneelift. This is my second time purchasing an insert for my machines. I highly recommend this company.

  22. vickey lok (verified owner)

    My insert fit perfect. arrived within 2 week. Very pleased.

  23. Joanne Leathers (verified owner)

    It fit my Elna Diva sewing machine & my new beautiful Aarow Cabinet perfectly! So pleased!

  24. Jane Reed (verified owner)

    My insert for perfectly. I received it within two weeks of placing my order. Very pleased.

  25. Margaret (verified owner)

    The insert is for my Bernina 570 QE in the Gidget II table. It is exactly what I wanted. It could not be better. I only wish I had purchased it sooner.

  26. Nancy Carter (verified owner)

    Happy to have a level sewing surface, but the opening on the insert for the Baby Lok Elaggio Plus sits too far to the left making it necessary to sit crowded to the left of the table in order to have the sewing head directly in front of me. (I have the corner unit table.) Otherwise, I am sewing off to one side which is very awkward. There is plenty of room on the right side of the insert to reposition the opening.

  27. Marjorie (verified owner)

    Insert for my Babyloc sewing machine is a perfect fit and works very well. Would definitely recommend it to be used with the Aussie 2 sewing cabinet.

  28. Patricia Finlan (verified owner)

    The insert has made my experience with a new Viking machine a truly wonderful experience! Thank you!

  29. Teena Ray (verified owner)

    Three words…I LOVE IT!!!! I had no idea what I’d been missing! I will definitely order again when I buy another table for each of my other machines. It fits so incredibly perfect, you can take it out easily, too, and it is so nice having a completely flat work surface. I just can’t say enough good things about this insert! Whoever thought of this is a genius!

  30. Ruth Stortz (verified owner)

    Love the new insert! Have had my cabinet for a couple years, but just added the insert. It fit the machine perfectly, and makes such a nice, smooth surface for my quilting projects.

  31. Johnna (verified owner)

    The insert was for my Singer 221 Featherweight and the Gidget II table. Everything fit perfectly. Service was great. The experience was as I wish all purchases were.

  32. Johnna (verified owner)

    The custom insert was for using my Singer Featherweight 221 in the Gidget II table. I works perfectly. Service was great. Experiences was as wish other purchase experiences would be.

  33. Jayne Gavlick (verified owner)

    I am so happy with my custom insert for my Brother Dream Creator. The fit is perfect. The surface is glass smooth. It is clear, so it takes some getting use to, but you will love it. Attach the clear ruler to the underside for quick reference. Such a great addition to my Arrow Joey cabinet!

  34. Mary Ann (verified owner)

    The addition of the insert to my new cabinet is perfect. Love having the expanded flat space when working on my quilting projects.

  35. Julie Smith (verified owner)

    I like my custom insert. I would have preferred for my machine to sit further to the right. As it is I have moved my machine to the right and I have a gap of 1 1/2- 2 inches at the end of the free arm. Because of the configuration of the table I need that extra room for my sewing chair to turn.

  36. Dallas (verified owner)

    Works great! An insert makes sewing so much easier.

  37. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I love my custom sewing machine insert. I bought 2 one for each of the machines I own.
    My only problem is with my wallaby cabinet. The screws for positioning the pneumatic lift we’re so flimsy the grooves for the screwdriver fell apart and it’s impossible to adjust between the two machines now. I’ve had to stack books up under my shorter machine when I switch.

  38. Yolanda garcia (verified owner)

    Worked out perfect!

  39. Lea Anderson (verified owner)

    I love this insert and the Gidget table. Actually I bought 2 different inserts 1 for my Pfaff And 1 for my brother. Now when we go RVing I can set up and take down my table when needed or exchange the insert for whichever machine I need. Highly recommend both table and insert.

  40. Pamela Landrum (verified owner)

    Love the new insert for my machine and cabinet. Excellent fit and looks great too. Definitely recommend to anyone who has an open top on their cabinet. I no longer lose things down beside my machine.

  41. Sheri (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 inserts for 2 out of 4 of my machines! I see a 3rd and possibly 4th in my future!

  42. Heidi Wolko (verified owner)

    My insert is absolutely super. Fits like a well-fitted glove. Thanks.

  43. Shirley Parkin (verified owner)

    LOVE my new insert. Fits perfectly! Has given “happy quilting” a whole new dimension! Twice as much fun now!

  44. Pat Huston (verified owner)

    The custom insert for my Bernina 770 came just as described. I love it and the flat surface makes many projects easier, especially quilting and using free motion techniques.

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